Brompton Foldable Bicycles Review

A foldable bicycle is one of those things that are a must-have. With a foldable bike, you can easily navigate traffic, allowing you to make it in time for all schedules. Also, it helps you save a lot of money regarding fuel. Unlike other regular bikes, a foldable bike will allow using other means of private or public transport without a hustle. Therefore, considering the benefits that would be achieved with this type of bike, the cost will not even matter. In purchasing a foldable bicycle, there are a few factors that have to be considered. Below is a review of Brompton bikes. Brompton is one of the leading manufacturers in the production of foldable bikes.


Buying Options

There are two purchasing options available with Brompton Bicycles; the custom purchases or the regular purchase. With the regular purchase, you will get readymade bikes from any of the Brompton certified dealers. However, in the customized purchase, you get a say in what the end product will be like. Your bikes are tailored to fit the description that you give.


Safety Features

Picture of folding bikeBrompton takes some serious measures to ensure the safety of their bikes’ riders. Protection of the patrons is improved by the ability to ride upright when using Brompton bikes. This enables the cyclist to be conscious of traffic in his/her way. Another feature that enhances the rider’s safety is the small wheel that comes with Brompton bikes. The small wheels make it easy to maneuver around potholes and other obstructions. Foldability of the bike also enhances the safety of the user. Folding to compact size allows you to store it inside the building. Thereby, it minimizes the chances of your expensive bike from being stolen.



Brompton foldable bicycles offer a comfortable ride. You can select from any of their four types of handlebars. This allows you to go with the riding position that maximizes your comfort. You can make a choice between the M type, H type, H type and the S-type. Whether you are a sporty, upright, varied or mid height rider, your comfort will be guaranteed by selecting the right handlebar for your riding style.



Brompton offers a broad range of foldable bicycle options. With customized buying, your options are unlimited. You can order handles, colors, lights to luggage storage, thus creating your very own unique bicycle. For the ready made bikes, you get to choose from 12 colors. You can choose to either go with a single tone or a double-tone. Whatever your preference is, you will get with Brompton foldable bicycles. You can buy this in different shops but just a few have the high quality products like Clevers Cycles.



Brompton bikes, regarding foldability, win hands down. They are made with exceptional innovativeness, allowing you to fold your bike in a fraction of a minute. Additionally, they have a finger groove feature under the seat that allows you to carry your folded bike quickly. The small wheels that come with these bicycles enhance its compatibility. Therefore, you can store your bike almost everywhere, even under your office desk. Also, as you fold your bike, you will notice that the gear and chains go to the center. This feature helps to protect your luggage or clothing from getting damaged as you carry your bicycle.



Brompton bikes are among the top rated regarding performance. Its riding position features enhance agility for the rider. The small wheels also enable the bike to move very fast, outgoing with other regular bikes.


Parts Availability

You can easily access parts to service your bicycle and keep it riding from any Brompton dealer. However, if you cannot find a Brompton dealer near you, you can always shop the parts that you need online. Contact Clever Cycles for more details.



This bike is made to adjust to any environment. The bicycles have puncture- resistant wheels and a steel frame that allows them tough enough for any amount of roughness.

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