Old Fashion Healing for a New Generation

More and more today consumers are looking for an alternative to traditional therapies and treatments. There are many reasons the average person is concerned about the way most conventional doctors manage chronic pain. Drug therapy has become the standard, but drugs do little to fix the underlying problem. The news is full of stories of regular people who have become dependent on prescription painkillers. What’s required is the most holistic approach. A way to ease someone’s pain without the danger of side effects or possible addiction. That is why growing numbers of chronic pain suffers are coming to chiropractic medicine. From its very beginning, it was called a science of healing without drugs.

Picture of portland chiropratic adjustmentFirst practiced in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer; it is as relevant now as it was then. Over the years, traditional medical professionals have tried to prove that it was not real medicine. The thousands of patients that find relief still today proves them wrong. Chiropractic is a belief that manual manipulation of the spine can help the body to heal itself. Proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure has been shown to improve the patient’s overall health. Many doctors of osteopathic medicine have begun to use manual manipulation as the first course of treatment.

It is most effective on chronic pain of the neck or back. When the back is not in proper alignment, it can cause pinched nerves that cause pain in other parts of the body. Studies show that chronic lower back pain can be treated successfully giving the patient improved overall function. Contact a trusted Chiro Office to know more about chiropractic adjustment.

New evidence suggests that manual hands can stop migraine headaches on therapy. Likewise, headaches caused by tension or stress can be helped by chiropractic methods.

Acute sciatica, caused by lumbar herniation improves radically after manual manipulation therapy. Studies show that 90% of the general population show overall improvement.

Chiropractic treats more than the physical; it is a holistic practice. Holism assumes that an individual’s environment affects their health and general well-being. Some include exercise, stretching, herbal treatments, and diet. It is an overall approach to healing through healthy living.

It’s the moment for the American customer to reconsider Chiropractic medicine. When faced with the very real problems caused by prescription drugs. The ever growing dangers of surgery and the complications that can happen. Many embraces the believe that health care should be more natural and personal. They are looking for a safer more holistic approach to pain management and feel they have found it with their chiropractor. As a friend and advisor. Most chiropractors take the time to talk to patients, advising them on health related matters. After decades of ridicule, this century-old practice is just now receiving the respect it deserves. Visit www.autoworkinjury.com for more information.

Your chiropractor can provide you with a safe, drug-free, solution to chronic pain. By addressing the cause of the pain, that is too say the spine not being properly aligned, relief is instantaneous and permanent. There are no side effects as with powerful drugs. Knowing the joy of pain-free mobility can be liberating for many patients.

Traditional medicine and their partners in the drug companies want to keep American’s enslaved with endless rounds of drug therapy. Chiropractors want to free their patients from a pain that is ruining their quality of life. A healthier, happier, lifestyle can heal more than one’s bones.

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