The Benefits of Using a Personal Trainer

Trying to start a new exercise routine or update an old and boring routine that shows little or no benefits to your fitness goals can often be an intimidating and frustrating experience. Not knowing the best, safest, and fastest way to get into shape and improve mental and physical health causes many people to give up or not even start a new exercise routine. Hiring a personal trainer can teach you how to begin a safe and effective exercise routine that will help you reach your personal fitness goals in the shortest time possible that will have lasting results.


The role of a personal trainer

Diet plus exercise come and go, but an experienced personal trainer possesses the skill, knowledge, and understanding that to reach your fitness goals takes time and dedication to proper diet and exercise. A good personal trainer is not only someone who is educated in proper diet and exercise but is also someone who lives a healthy lifestyle. The role of the personal trainer is to provide instruction and assistance in helping you reach your health plus your fitness goals whatsoever they may be. Whether your goals are small or large, a personal trainer can have an enormous impact on whether or not you achieve them or give up for lack of experience or motivation. Motivation is another primary role of a personal trainer. A personal trainer not only motivates you to work out on a regular basis but holds you accountable if you fail to keep your exercise routine or maintain your diet, but the benefits of using a personal trainer go even further.


Some good reasons to use a personal trainer

Picture of Portland personal trainerIf you are still on the sidelines trying to decide whether or not you want to hire a personal trainer, then here a few more benefits that a personal trainer can provide that are often overlooked.

  • Personalized instruction- Everyone is not built the same, nor does every workout and exercise routine work for every person in the best way. A personal fitness trainer will produce a fitness plan tailored to your specific goals based on your current fitness level and body type.


  • Expert instruction and supervision- Today’s gyms have a lot of high-tech equipment that can be confusing to figure out how to operate, and performing simple exercises must be done correctly to gain the maximum benefits. A personal trainer will give you feedback on your form and guide you through each series of exercises making sure each one is done correctly.


  • Effective time management One of the biggest obstacles to working out for many people is a lack of time. With work, family, and day-to-day obligations, many people feel there is not enough time for a productive workout. A personal trainer can create an efficient workout routine for your specific needs that will maximize your available time in the most efficient manner possible.

    Goal and sport specific training- Whether you’re looking to enter a marathon for the first time or are a professional athlete preparing for an upcoming event, then a personal trainer can provide sports specific training that can help you make for a particular competition or tailor a routine for the game of your choice to help you perform your best.


A few words about regular exercise

If you think that the cost of hiring a personal trainer is not worth it, then think again. While hiring a personal trainer can be an added cost to your budget, it can save you money in the long run through better health. Regular physical exercise has a host of benefits that can improve your physical as well as mental health. Better health means fewer visits to the doctor, less money on medications, and more energy to perform better at work and other daily activities. When taking all of these factors into consideration, the cost of a personal trainer can be well deserving the physical plus mental health benefits.

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